Wonder Weave



Anti-microbial Woven vinyl with attached foam backing


Commercial & Residential Usage

Wonder Weave’s patented anti-microbial woven vinyl is perfect for any place flooring is needed where there will be direct sun light. Our woven vinyl is resistant to fading like other vinyl products. It drains liquids at 30 gallons an hour and is made with anti-microbial synthetic material. Making mold, mildew, stains, and smells and thing of the past.

Where Does Woven Vinyl Fit In?

Areas That Are Prone To Get Wet

Woven vinyl is the ideal floorings for areas that are prone to get wet. They are unaffected by water. The vinyl is inert and difficult to stain since the vinyl is not porous.

Areas With Direct Sunlight

Woven vinyl is ideal for areas exposed to direct sunlight for extended periods of time. The vinyl has a UV stabilizer that will greatly reduce fading.

High Traffic Areas

Woven vinyl is great to use in high traffic / high abuse areas where there will be a lot of abrasive wear and the potential for a lot of spillage.

Indoor Woven Vinyl Applications

There are areas of the home that don’t get carpet, but they would still benefit from a comfortable, decorative flooring that can perform in those areas. Woven vinyl can “carpet” areas previously not open to soft floor coverings or add an elegant finish to a contemporary design.


Using one of our decorative finishes, area rugs and runners can be used in the kitchen as fatigue mats for the chef. The cushion backing allows the chef to stand longer without being on the hard surfaces in most kitchens. And when spills hit the floor, they can easily be wiped away on the vinyl face.


Why leave this floor uncovered. Use a product that will add a flair to the bathroom without creating a problem. Woven Vinyl can get wet and stay wet without breaking down the material. The surfaces adds traction to areas where you step in and out of the tub/shower and add to the overall design elements of this daily use area.


Any entrance to the home that will see a lot of the elements tracked into the home needs Wonder-Weave. Rain, sleet, snow or hail cannot tarnish the beauty and comfort of woven vinyl floors. They are durable, cleanable and stain and fade resistant. Regardless of what the dog drags in, these floors will last.


Spas are for relaxing. Wonder-Weave Flooring adds an aesthetic element to the room’s design while decreasing ambient noises, increasing traction and cushioning potential falls. Having a beautiful floor covering that is not impacted by the cleaning agents and chlorine from the spa adds an additional layer of comfort and peace to this room of relaxation.

Workout Room

The perfect complement to the exercise room. Sound absorption and impact noise reduction. Workout as hard as you like without fear that the flooring can’t keep up. Wonder-Weave allows the participate to use the floor as their mat. Ease of maintenance and cleaning make smaller spaces more space efficient by eliminating the needs for additional mats.
*Rubber mats are recommended under free weights and impact exercise equipment like stationary bikes and treadmills.

Contemporary Elegance

For a contemporary interior design, Wonder-Weave indoor/outdoor area rugs are a natural addition. The combination of form and function creates a minimalistic approach to defining areas in the home. Subtle and elegant muted color pallets and understated design elements complement the rest of the finishes used throughout the home.


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This product can be used in condominium and hotel balconies and perform well. The decorative finish of these floorcoverings far outweighs the green indoor/outdoor carpets that have been abandoned by most specifiers due to the frequency of replacement and the disruption of building.

Rooftop Bars & Relaxation Areas

Perfect for this exposed area with a lot of spills taking place. The woven vinyl can withstand the natural elements and resist fading under the hammering rays of the sun.

Easily cleaned and the low profile keeps everyone on their feet regardless of how much they have been served.


Woven Vinyl rugs can compliment a contemporary lobby with a practical option.

Area can be space defining with low profile, easy to roll across rugs that can be easily maintained. The corners stay flat to the floor, not creating a tripping hazard.

The quieting effect of the rugs can add to a calmer, more refined experience for the client while socializing or checking in and out of the property.


Need an all-weather product for an all-weather environment, woven vinyl flooring is the answer.

Everyone goes to the lodges for time in the great outdoors. Skiing, hiking, fishing and hunting. All dragging a lot of gear and being a lot of the outdoors into the confines of the lodge and its settings.

All of the outdoor areas can benefit from decorative rugs to define areas and accent design features like fire pits, grilling stations and spas/hot tubs.


Elegant hotels and resorts will have spas for their quests. These areas will need good floorcovering to accentuate their impeccable designs.

Functionality will need to be paramount for the types of flooring needed in this environment. Woven vinyl serves this well. The are not damaged from bleaches and chlorines used in the pools and hot tubs.

Workout Facilities

In a crowded marketplace, design elements make a significant difference to the clientele. There is not more crowded marketplace then the workout and fitness arena.

Hot Yoga, 24 Access, Spin classes, Light Therapy – you name it, differentiation is the key to drawing and keeping clients coming in.

Woven vinyl flooring is both functional and quieter, two critical features to set your studio apart from the rest.