The Difference

We’re committed to providing high-quality products.


A Step Above

Wonder-Weave’s patented premium cushion-backing sets us apart from any other marine floor covering. By adding this feature to our marine vinyl, we add longevity and comfort to boat flooring that has never been achieved before.

Longer Life

Wonder-Weave reduces friction from regular use and adds up to 25% longer life to your carpet, in turn saving money with the added comfort of a cushioned flooring.

Unprecedented Design

Our standards are high to ensure our customers receive the consistent quality and value they have come to expect from Wonder-Weave. With old styles you’re accustomed to and new styles generated frequently, we combine longevity, comfort, and style never before seen in marine flooring at a price equal to or less than competitor’s that do not come close.


Wonder-Weave provides top quality marine-grade carpeting, boat flooring, boat mats, boat canvas, and boat upholstery. We strive to provide our customers  the best! 


Wonder-weave boat canvas, upholstery and flooring is the best on the market.

 If you require a custom product for your boat, choose Wonder-Weave.

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