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Wonder-Weave’s patented premium cushion-backing sets us apart from any other marine floor covering. By adding this feature to our marine vinyl, we add longevity and comfort to boat flooring that has never been achieved before.

Longer Life

Wonder-Weave reduces friction from regular use and adds up to 25% longer life to your carpet, in turn saving money with the added comfort of a cushioned flooring.

Unprecedented Design

Our standards are high to ensure our customers receive the consistent quality and value they have come to expect from Wonder-Weave. With old styles you’re accustomed to and new styles generated frequently, we combine longevity, comfort, and style never before seen in marine flooring at a price equal to or less than competitor’s that do not come close.

Wonder-Weave is a family owned and ran business. We have been in business for 22 years in North Georgia. We are proud that Wonder-Weave is 100% made in the U.S.A. product.

Woven Vinyl Flooring is a new category of floor covering. Generally defined as any woven vinyl fabric with stabilizing material applied to the fabric to create a floor covering.

It is a hybrid of two popular surfaces for the floor. It has the softness properties of carpet with the durability of a hard surface, plus the added benefit of being able to withstand the harshest elements that Mother Nature can present.

Woven vinyl fabrics have been used for a long time in a wide variety of different products.

All woven vinyl fabrics start with a vinyl yarn and incorporates this yarn using conventual looms to weave the patterns into the fabrics.


Single yarns pulled from a creel are drawn through a PVC jet or bath and a die to form the desired round section shape. Then the coated yarn is dried and thermally cured in a continuous oven and wound onto a tube.

The tubes go into beaming and weaving. Required properties of single yarns are high twist to promote round section, high tensile strength and compatibility with PVC so that all of the yarn is coated evenly.

Weaving is a very simple process

Weaving is the process of making cloth with two components, a warp, and a weft, and can be done by very simple techniques on a complicated loom.


The pattern in the fabric is determined by the shed.

Fabric Finishing

The final step in the fabric process is to “cure” the fabric under tension. While the fabric is still held with tension, it is sent through an oven to return the yarns to a near melting point so that the yarns will cross transfer the PVC tack and secure the yarns in place.

This process is followed by a cool down stage where the fabric is now more stable, and the yarns do not unravel. This is what allows the Wonder-Weave area rug to be cut in any direction without the yarns raveling on the edges.

Polyester Felt Backing

The felt backing starts with polyester fibers that are laid into the belt drive of the system. These fibers for a web that is passed through a series of needles that push the fibers down into each other locking them in place and compressing the web.

This process can be repeated to increase the density of the felt. Different size fibers can be used to create different structural features of the felt.

The felt is then married to the woven vinyl face material to form the floor coverings.



Wonder-Weave provides top quality marine-grade boat flooring, boat mats and boat canvas. We strive to provide our customers  the best! 


Wonder-weave boat canvas and flooring is the best on the market.

 If you require a custom product for your boat, choose Wonder-Weave.


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